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3 short movies you need to see…if it’s not already done

3 short movies you need to see

3 short movies you need to see

These 3 short movies (one of it lasts  more than 20 minutes) are amazing to see. What is the most impressive think about them? For me, it’s the special effects, the realisation and specially the geek factor. They all use directly or not a link with a video game. Read more…

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Go back in time with this upcoming iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game

7 April 2010 Leave a comment

Mimeo in the Tumbleverse

Mimeo in the Tumbleverse

This guy, Shaun Inman, is a fan of old pixel games like the first Mario Bros. He had an amazing idea for a video game and he’s now hard at work to make his idea come to life on the iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch. Read more…

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You always want to play a shooter this way

22 March 2010 Leave a comment

Immersive Rail shooter

Do you remember the the guy playing a shooter game in the first promotional video for the Nintendo Wii? To avoid to be shot, he hide behind his couch. I’m sure you always dreamed about doing something like that. Read more…