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This game is Pure Awsomeness!!!

GameDev Story

GameDev Story

My iPhone is dead right now due to this game. Why? Simply because it is pure awesomeness. The gameplay with all the randomness and with all the liberty you have is amazing and pretty simple too. The retro visual seduce me at first look and finally, since I’m working in the video game industry, the humour of the game is insane.

So, If you don’t understand with the video, the goal of the game is to create your own video game company, hire people, do some small works to gain money then create video games, conquer lots of fan, get bigger, level up and train your staff, bought devkit for new console, get awards for you game, etc. Each time you will level up or train your staff, you will unlock new game type and feature to create new amazing game so you can decide to create an adventure game with Pirate for example. To help your staff working, you will be able to buy and use items like Dead Bull to restore your staff’s energy or increase their skills to create better games. It’s a really nice and funny sim game about the video game universe.


If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, it is your duty to buy it:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-dev-story/id396085661?mt=8

Picture of the GameDev Story game

GameDev Story

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