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Go back in time with this upcoming iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game

Mimeo in the Tumbleverse

Mimeo in the Tumbleverse

This guy, Shaun Inman, is a fan of old pixel games like the first Mario Bros. He had an amazing idea for a video game and he’s now hard at work to make his idea come to life on the iPhone/iPad/ iPod Touch.

The game is a classic platforming game like we use to play on the NES and SNES system. You collect coins, hit monsters and reach the next level. The big twist is that instead of grabbing some collectible like a mushroom that make your character grow, you collect cartridges.

These cartridges change the look of the game, so at the begin you’re in a 2-bit black and white color game with a small character. If you collect the gameboy cartridge, the game switch to a 4-bit greener look and you character increase in size. After that you can collect the NES cartridge and the SNES cartridge. If you get hit by an enemy, you switch back to the last cartridge wich means if you were in 4-bit style, you will go back to 2-bit style. The creator said this setting of changing style of the game creates puzzle where you will need to change style to complete the puzzle.

The game looks amazing and I can’t wait to give it a try. Go check his dev diary website for more information.

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